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Request Loan Payoff

If your loan is with Bank Midwest located in Minnesota, Iowa or South Dakota, use our online form for a convenient way to request your loan payoff amount.

Be sure to call us if you have any questions?  800.301.2127 

Loan Customers

  • Are you ready to pay off your loan?

    If you are the primary or secondary owner (i.e. borrower) on the loan with Bank Midwest located in Iowa, Minnesota, or South Dakota, simply complete the payoff request web form below.

Third Party Requestors

  • Are you working with a Bank Midwest customer who wishes to payoff their loan?

    If you are helping one of our customers of Bank Midwest located in Iowa, Minnesota, or South Dakota and need a payoff amount, request the payoff amount on an account with the written permission of the loan account owner(s).

    Complete these two steps:

    1. Submit Payoff Request Web Form below

    This online form provides us with details about who is making the request and about the loan customer and account to be paid off.

    2. Borrower Authorization

    Ask the loan’s primary and secondary owner to sign your organization’s Borrower’s Certification and Authorization form. Note:  The authorization form must be signed within 90 days of when this payoff request is made. Send us the signed file using this secure link.

    Send Secure File

    After the online request form and signed authorization document are submitted, the payoff will be provided within 5 business days.

Request Loan Payoff Form


Children’s Privacy: Bank Midwest is concerned about the privacy and safety of children online. We do not accept online requests from anyone under the age of 18. Our websites are not targeted to or intended for children.