Financials (Report of Condition)

The following report is represents the financial position of Bank Midwest at the close of business on June 30, 2023.

ASSETS $ Amount in Thousands
Cash & balances due: Noninterest-bearing balances 14,718
Cash & balances due: Interest-bearing balances5, 6,146
Securities: Held-to-maturity securities 0
Securities: Available-for-sale securities 215,556
Securities: Equity securities with readily determinable fair values not held for trading 0
Federal funds sold 0
Securities purchased under agreements to resell 0
Loans and leases held for sale 1,158
Loans and leases held for investment 1,004,869
Less: Allowance for loan and lease losses 9,652
Loans and leases held for investment, net of allowance 995,217
Trading assets 0
Premises and fixed assets 20,618
Other real estate owned 0
Investments in unconsolidated subsidiaries and associated companies 0
Direct and indirect investments in real estate ventures 0
Intangible assets 6,710
Other assets 50,640
TOTAL ASSETS 1,310,763
LIABILITIES $ Amount in Thousands
Deposits: In domestic offices 1,064,477
Deposits: In domestic offices, noninterest-bearing 193,126
Deposits: In domestic offices, interest-bearing 871,351
Federal funds purchased 10,500
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase 0
Trading liabilities 0
Other borrowed money (includes mortgage indebtedness and obligations under capitalized leases) 125,000
Subordinated notes and debentures 0
Other liabilities 9,723
EQUITY CAPITAL $ Amount in Thousands
Perpetual preferred stock and related surplus 0
Common stock 2,100
Surplus 18,433
Retained earnings 104,003
Accumulated and other comprehensive income -23,473
Other equity capital components 0
Total bank equity capital 101,063
Noncontrolling (minority) interests in consolidated subsidiaries 0
Total equity capital 101.063