Text Scam Alert

We’ve heard several reports of local customers receiving alarming text messages that appear to be sent by Bank Midwest questioning a fraudulent transaction. These text messages are scams and contain a link to a fake website requesting online banking credentials.

  • Do not click the link.
  • Do not enter your username and password.
If online banking credentials were submitted, please call Bank Midwest 888.902.5662 as soon as possible.

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Business Lending

It’s your company. No one knows it as well as you, no one cares as deeply as you. We understand and respect your perspective, and we’re here to help you use credit wisely to realize your dreams.

Dream big. We’ll help you get there.

I’m ready to grow or start my business. Call me.

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    Operating Loans and Lines of Credit

    • Choose a term-specific, fixed rate operating loan for designated projects and equipment purchases.
    • Choose a line of credit for ongoing access to funds for cash management and expenses; take draws as needed and repay balances to make funds available again.

    Both credit options are excellent tools for financing new technology, equipment, vehicles, and expansion initiatives.

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    Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

    If you meet the qualifying guidelines, SBA loans can afford you significant benefits, including longer repayment terms and both fixed and variable rate interest options.

    Our lenders will partner with you to help you take advantage of this low-cost financing opportunity to grow your business.

    Learn more about SBA loans.

Capital to grow, convenience to save time, custom solutions to prosper.

Plan wisely. But you don’t need to plan alone.

Find a business lender.

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