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We’ve heard several reports of local customers receiving alarming text messages that appear to be sent by Bank Midwest questioning a fraudulent transaction. These text messages are scams and contain a link to a fake website requesting online banking credentials.

  • Do not click the link.
  • Do not enter your username and password.
If online banking credentials were submitted, please call Bank Midwest 888.902.5662 as soon as possible.

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Farm Insurance

The right crop insurance can help you feel more secure – despite the weather.

Protect your crops from the unexpected.

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Crop insurance is essential to farmers’ livelihood throughout the country and has never been more important than now. Recent climate change has brought unexpected weather conditions and, in turn, greater risks in the past decade.

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    Crop Insurance Coverage

    American farmers have two options when it comes to insuring their crops:

    1. multiple peril crop insurance (MPCI). and
    2. crop-hail insurance.


    While all weather conditions present risk, hail is unusual because it can completely destroy part of a field while leaving the rest virtually untouched, it is difficult to predict, and it occurs suddenly.

    • We use quality companies that deliver quality coverage options.
    • We customize your coverage based on the specifics of your operation and how much risk you are able/willing to take.
    • We’re local. We’ve been here since 1938 and we’ll be there for you when you need us.

You can’t count on Mother Nature to protect you, but you can count on us to help protect your hard work.

Plan wisely

Act now.

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