The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) encourages certain insured depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they serve, including low- and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods and individuals, consistent with the safe and sound operation of such institutions.

In accordance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Regulation, Bank Midwest is required to maintain and, upon request, make available for public inspection a complete CRA Public File. Shown below is the CRA Public File for Bank Midwest. If you would like a print copy of this information, please email this request to [email protected]. Please note a fee will be assessed to cover the costs of printing and mailing.

Last reviewed and/or modified March 21, 2024.

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    CRA Public Notice

    CRA Public Notice (.pdf)

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    CRA Performance Evaluation

    View the most recent Performance Evaluation of how Bank Midwest meets its responsibilities under the CRA.

     2023 CRA Performance Evaluation (.pdf)

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    Written Customer Comments

    There have been no written customer comments received from the public for the current year and each of the prior two calendar years relating to the Bank’s CRA performance.

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    Branches Opened or Closed

    Bank Midwest has not opened any branch locations during the current year or each of the prior two calendar years.

    Bank Midwest has not closed any branch locations during the current year or each of the prior two calendar years.

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    Loan to Deposit Ratios

    Quarter Percent
    Q1 2023 90.72%
    Q2 2023 94.51%
    Q3 2023 97.01%
    Q4 2023 98.60%
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    Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Notice

    The HMDA data about our residential mortgage lending are available online for review.  The data show geographic distribution of loans and applications; ethnicity, race, sex, age, and income of applicants and borrowers; and information about loan approvals and denials.  These data are available online at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website (  HMDA data for many other financial institutions are also available at this website.

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    Locations & Census Tracts

    View Bank Midwest location hours

    Bank Midwest
    1525 18th Street, Suite 100
    P.O. Box 248
    Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360
    Census Tract = 19 059 4505.01
    Bank Midwest
    301 South State Street
    P.O. Box 611
    Fairmont, MN 56031
    Census Tract = 27 091 7906.00
    Bank Midwest
    509 Third Street
    P.O. Box 47
    Jackson, MN 56143
    Census Tract = 27 063 4804.00
    Bank Midwest
    245 9th Street
    P.O. Box 189
    Windom, MN 56101
    Census Tract = 27 033 2704.00
    Bank Midwest
    640 1st Avenue
    P.O. Box 219
    Westbrook, MN 56183
    Census Tract = 27 033 2702.00
    Bank Midwest
    525 Center Street
    New Ulm, MN 56073
    Census Tract = 27 015 9601.01
    Bank Midwest
    33 North Main
    P.O. Box 668
    Sherburn, MN 56171
    Census Tract = 27 091 7903.00
    Bank Midwest
    1102 Sanborn Avenue
    P.O. Box 979
    Okoboji, IA 51355
    Census Tract = 19 059 4511.00
    Bank Midwest
    500 6th Street
    P.O. Box 136
    Armstrong, IA 50514
    Census Tract = 19 063 0701.00
    Bank Midwest
    102 West 2nd Street
    P.O. Box 8
    Wall Lake, IA 51466
    Census Tract = 19 161 0802.00
    Bank Midwest
    225 South Minnesota Avenue
    Sioux Falls, SD 57104
    Census Tract = 43620 46 099 0007.01
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