Plan Ahead for Early Year-End Deadline and Holiday Closings

Our 2023 year-end deadline is Friday, December 29. Loan payments must be received by end-of-day Friday, December 29, in order to be processed and qualify for 2023 tax reporting. Holiday closings: Bank Midwest offices, drive-up locations and video tellers will be closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day. We'll resume regular hours on Tuesday, January 2. Learn more about holiday closings.    

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Business Insurance

It’s your company – your future.

You need to plan wisely. But you don’t need to plan alone. Let us show you how.

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In business today, risks are abundant:

  • A major piece of equipment breaks down and disrupts production
  • Someone is injured on your property
  • A fraudster hacks into your accounting system with ransomware


Helping protect you against these risks – and more – is what we do.

From property to liability to workers compensation, our seasoned team of business insurance agents will help you plan for the unexpected and initiate programs to proactively help reduce your risk exposure.

And as your company changes over time, we’ll help you adjust your risk management coverages, so they continue to be relevant and cost-effective.

Bottom line: Business insurance makes good business sense.

Interested in learning how we could protect your business?

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