Important Information


No balance requirements. Carry balance over year to year.


Pay qualified medical expenses with pretax dollars


Contributions stay in place with job change or retirement. FDIC insured.

Community Banking at Our Core

But we're so much more!

We’re proud of our local heritage serving hometowns in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Our founders started out in the 1880’s by helping neighbors and friends with simple banking and borrowing needs.

As our customers’ needs grow so does our business. Today, we also offer insurance protection, investments, mortgages, trust and estate planning not to mention equipment financing through OnePlace Capital.

While generations change and communities evolve, Bank Midwest’s driving principles remain the same:

One Place. One Team. Devoted to the security and prosperity of our customers

INVESTING $722 MILLION Community investment in loans
VOLUNTEERING 9,602 Employee hours volunteered
DONATING $180,000 Contributed to local organizations
IMPACTING $13,600,000 Community investment in loans

News & Education

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

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