Online Business Banking

Deposit all of your incoming checks

from the convenience of your own computer – any time of day.

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Scan checks and upload them to a secure website so you can process transactions more efficiently and access your money faster.

A local check scanner will capture the check details and save a digital image of the check.

Enter or verify the dollar amount and submit the payment.

Funds are withdrawn from
your customer’s account and deposited in yours.

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    Save Time

    Reduce manual errors and payment processing time. Scan checks, money orders and cashier checks.

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    Reduce Risk

    Save digital images of the check so you can safely destroy paper copies reducing the risk of tampering or fraud.

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    Improve Cash Flow

    Reduce your financial risk with expanded deposit cut-off times and faster access to your money.

It’s easy to get started.

There’s no lengthy training process. Have a question?

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Have a question? We'll call you back.