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Cash Management User Guide


User Guide

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Cash management Guide Quick Links

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Manage payee recipients (ACH/Wires)

Create or Import Batch Payees

Create Payments

ACH File Upload

ACH Payment Amount Edits

Approve Payments


Download Complete User Guide PDF (16.3 MB) Updated August 7, 2023


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Business Banking User Guide


User Guide

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Business online banking Guide Quick Links

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Logging In

Accounts Page

Security Alerts


Bill Pay

Online Statements


Download Complete User Guide PDF (5 MB) updated December 20, 2021


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  • Icon Authentication

    Token Option

    Token authentication is a delivery method option in addition to text message, email, and voice message.

    An authentication code is required the first time a user logs in to business banking, when a new device is used or when a high risk transaction (ACH/wire) is conducted.

    If you wish to use a token for authentication, first download the token app and register the token, which requires entering two unique codes, and then a validation code. Future transaction will only require one code — when validating a new device or to confirm a high-risk transaction.


    Vip Access Token App

    • Download the VIP Access app from Symantec VIP.
    • Log in to Business Banking at
    • Select the delivery method option named Hard Token (used for both the token app or a physical token).
    • Enter the first security code. Wait 30 seconds to refresh a new code.
    • Enter the second code. Wait 30 seconds for the code to refresh.
    • Enter a third validation code to complete the token setup.

    After your token app is registered, a code will only be entered one time for high risk transactions or if logging in from a different device.

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