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Help Center: Online and Mobile Services

Online Banking

Bank Midwest’s online banking is simple to use and secure.

Learn how to enroll in online banking, pay bills, receive online statements, bank on the go and much more.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, check out our help center for more information or contact us online. You can also call us at 888.902.5662.

Getting Started

  • How do I get started using online banking?

    If you haven’t used Online Banking, you’ll need to first enroll to access your accounts online. If you didn’t receive a User ID and Password during account opening, you’ll need the following to enroll:

    • Social Security Number or (TIN)
    • Zip code
    • Date of birth

    Enroll Now

    STEP 1: System verification

    Multiple options to enroll available; however, you will likely use your Social Security Number to enroll.

    Enter your Social Security Number and type the one-time Code that appears on the screen. Click Next.

    STEP 2: Account owner verification

    Verify your account by entering the following information:

    • Last Name
    • Last 4 digits of your SSN
    • Zip Code
    • Date of Birth.

    STEP 3: enrollment code

    Select how you’d like to receive an enrollment code for verification: email, phone call or text message.

    The information we have on file for your account will display. For example, if we have multiple phone numbers, all will display so you can choose the preferred number for the option you select.

    You should receive the code within a couple of minutes. Enter the code you receive in the enrollment screen.

    STEP 4: challenge questions

    Answer 3 security questions to which only you know the answers for future login and verification. Be mindful of spelling and spacing when typing in your answers. Remember how you answer these questions as you’ll like need them for future access to your accounts.

    STEP 5: User ID and password

    Your email address will pre-populate based on the information we have already entered in our banking system.  If you need to update your email, please contact

    Create your User ID.

    • Must contain 5 characters (letters and/or numbers) including at least one letter.
    • Cannot contain any special characters. For example: @ ( ! # $ & % ( ).
    • Cannot contain spaces.

    Create your Password.
    Our strength detector will let you know if the password needs to be more complex to help protect you from unauthorized access.

    • Choose a password that is between 8–24 characters.
    • Passwords must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.
    • Special characters are optional but will strengthen your password. Only the following may be used: ! # $ & % ( )
    • Avoid using birthdays, children’s names, or other obvious words that fraudsters could guess.
  • What browser should I use to access Online Banking?

    Recommended browsers that we help support:

    • Google Chrome™ (versions 38.0 and above)
    • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (versions 11.0 and above)
    • Mozilla® Firefox® (versions 34.0 and above)
    • Safari® (versions 7.1 and above)
    • Microsoft Edge® (versions 25.0 and above)
  • Reset your password

    If you forget your password, click the Login page and enter your User ID.  To the right of the User ID field, click “I’ve forgotten my Password” and follow the prompts.

    Or, contact us at 888.902.5662 for help.

  • Set up account alerts

    You can set up email and/or text alerts under Accounts > Account Alerts to more easily monitor account activity. Some examples include:

    Balance alerts
    Notifies you if your balance goes above or below a certain threshold.

    Transaction alerts
    Notifies you when certain types of transactions clear your account.

    Cleared check alerts
    Notifies when you checks clear your account.

    Event alerts
    Notifies you of unusual logins based on geography, password reset requests, lockout from invalid login attempts and other account events.

    Reminders, bill pay alerts and loan alerts
    Notifies you upon completing payments and reminds you of upcoming payment due dates.

  • View your online statement

    First, enroll in Online Banking and then set up access to online statements under the Documents tab.  An email alert will notify you when you statement is available to view.

    Learn more about Online Statements.

  • Pay a bill online

    Online banking lets you use one secure site to pay multiple bills for free. Set up one-time and/or recurring payments, schedule payments in advance, and even pay companies and individuals electronically or by check (we’ll even mail the check!). Learn more.

  • Transfer money online

    Easily transfer money between your Bank Midwest accounts by clicking the “Transfer” tab. Set up a one-time transfer, a recurring transfer or schedule a future transfer.

  • Customize your online banking experience

    There are several ways to customize the online banking experience.

    Go to Accounts > Tiles to set up a brief snapshot of all of your accounts including the most recent transactions. You can customize your view by moving your account windows so it’s organized the way you want your accounts to appear. Place your cursor above the name of the account until you see a cross arrow, then hold and drag the account window to a new position.

    You can also make Tiles (or a different page) your homepage by going to Options > Customer Info > Custom Start Page and then choosing Tiles.

    If you want an easy way to distinguish between your different accounts, you can give each a nickname by going to Options > Account Nickname. This may help you see which account is used for what at a glance.

  • Change security settings

    Under Options you can update your password, change your security key, or select new security questions and answers.

  • Request online support

    Simply click on the envelope icon in the upper left corner of the screen to send a secure message to us through online banking. Sensitive information can be shared through this highly secure channel.

    This is not a real-time chat feature. For urgent matters, please call 888.902.5662 during the hours Monday-Friday 7 a.m – 7 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – Noon.

    Never email your account information or other confidential email — email isn’t a secure channel.


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