Switch Your Account


Switch Your Account


We know changing bank accounts sounds like a hassle, but we’re here to help make the transition to Bank Midwest simple.

We’ve prepared three pre-written letters you can sign and mail to help you make the switch. Before you know it, you’ll be banking easier with us.

1. Open your Bank Midwest account

Stop by any of our locations and we’ll help you find the right account to meet your needs.

2. Stop using your old account.

We know old habits are hard to break, but you’ve opened your new account, right? Make a clean break. Let your past transactions and checks clear your old account and start breaking in your new one!

3. Switch any direct deposits and automatic payments to your new account.

Keep your old account open with enough funds to cover all outstanding checks, final direct deposits and/or automatic payments have cleared. Then, use our pre-written letters to switch direct deposits and/or automatic payments to your new Bank Midwest account.

4. Close Your Old Account

After all of your outstanding checks, final direct deposits and/or automatic payments have cleared your old account and are redirected to your new account, use our pre-written letter to close your old account. We’re the One Place for convenience.

pdf-icon Close Your Old Account Letter

pdf-iconUpdate Your Automatic Payment Letter

pdf-icon Request Direct Deposit Letter

Note: Some companies require the use of their own forms to initiate the switching of accounts.


Q. What do I do with my old checks?

A. First be sure you have written the checks necessary to open your Bank Midwest account and close your previous account. If you have any checks leftover, bring them to any location and we’ll securely recycle them for you.

Q. What about my old debit card?

A. Once your old account is closed and you have your new account open, you can cut up your old debit card and throw it away.

Q. When will I receive my new debit card?

A. When you open your account in person, a Bank Midwest debit card will be issued immediately. If opening your account online, your card will be issued and mailed so you’ll receive within 7-10 business days.

Other questions?

Contact us.