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Setting up Login Shortcuts

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How To Enroll in Mobile Banking 

  1. Enroll in Online Banking first.
  2. Download the Bank Midwest Mobile Banking App from the App Store or Google Play store. 
    Bank Midwest Mobile App Icon shows name in white on burgundy background with partial green diamond accent.

    Look for the burgundy app with green diamond.

    App Store
    Mobile Banking App: Get It On Google Play
  3. Login with your Online Banking User ID and Password.

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Set Up Login Shortcuts

Quickly access your account information by enabling one of these options in the mobile app under the Settings menu.

You can enable Touch ID or Auto Login — not both.

1. Touch ID  or Auto Login

Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor, can easily unlock your iPhone or iPad to allow quick access to your accounts in “View Only” mode. [Learn more about setting up Touch ID on your Apple device.]

Auto Login automatically opens Mobile Banking in “View Only” mode.  It’s highly recommended that the mobile device be password protected when turning on this setting.  

Mobile App Settings

You can turn on Touch ID or Auto Login (not both).

NOTE: Both Touch ID and Auto Login settings will require a full or PIN login to move money, view statements, change debit card status or update settings.

2. PIN Login

Set up a 4-digit PIN Login which will allow you to fully log in and use all the functionality of Mobile Banking like moving money, viewing statements, etc.Mobile App Screenshot for the 4-digit PIN set up

These shortcut options can be enabled in the Settings menu after logging in to the Mobile Banking app. Be sure to Save your changes.


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Make a Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks through your mobile device and save a trip to the bank. If you’ve already downloaded the Bank Midwest Mobile app, you’re all set to make deposits. Simply look for Make a Deposit menu link.Mobile banking menu drop down showing a piggy bank icon labeled "Make a Deposit"

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Create your deposit. 
    Screenshot of the fields needed to create a mobile deposit: account, amount, take picture of check front, take photo of check back.

    Select your account. Enter the amount of the check.

  2. Snap photos of the front and back of an endorsed check. We highly recommend restricting your deposit by including For Mobile Deposit Only with your signature.
  3. Submit the information.  Then, review the details and Confirm.  That’s it!

Mobile Deposit Tips

  • For a better image, place the check on a dark background. 
  • Mark the check indicating that it has been submitted to Mobile Deposit.  
  • Hold the check until you verify that it’s successfully deposited in your accounts transaction history. Then, destroy and dispose of the check.

When will my deposit appear in my account?

Deposits submitted through the mobile app are processed twice a day each business day (excluding Federal holidays). 

  • 10 a.m. — Deposits captured in the morning file post to accounts by Noon 
  • 5 p.m. — Deposits gathered in the afternoon file post at the end of day processing that same evening.

Can I be notified when my deposit is processed? 

Yes, set up an email alert in the mobile app by selecting Alerts in the side menu.

  • Click Security Alerts.
  • Scroll to the alert: Alert me when a mobile deposit of $0.00 or more has been completed. Enter a dollar amount. If you enter $1.00 it will notify you of all your successful deposits via email.
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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