Cash Management

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Cash Management takes online banking to the next level with tools that give you more control, freedom and flexibility to manage your funds. 

Security Training 

Annual  online training is required for Cash Management users and only takes 17 minutes. Keeping up-to-date on best security practices will help safeguard your account against unauthorized transactions.  Deadline: October 31, 2018.

View Security Awareness Training details.


Creating ACH Batch Templates

While ACH recipient records will transition to the new system on April 24, ACH batch files will not. We’ve put together a brief guide on using ACH and building templates in the new Cash Management solution.

PDF: ACH Template Instructions (408 KB)

ACH Standard Entry Class Codes

Know your Standard Entry Class (SEC) Codes — the 3 character code identifying the payment type and formatting requirements regulated by NACHA. Read the ACH SEC Code FAQs.

Consumer Transactions Commercial Transactions


PPD: Prearranged Payment & Deposit


CCD: Corporate Credit or Debit
CTX: Corporate Trade Exchange

Unauthorized Returns Window

60 calendar days

View PPD  Details

Unauthorized Returns Window

24 hours (2 banking days)

View CCD and CTX  Details

ACH Authorization Requirements

ACH Originators can use this quick list of ACH authorization requirements and sample ACH forms that you can easily download and use for your company.

Security Tokens

One-time security code tokens offer an added layer of protection for online transactions. We offer two options: virtual tokens generated via a mobile app or physical token devices (about the size of a key ring). Learn more.

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