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Bank Midwest MasterCard® Debit Cards

Customer Support 888.902.5662


Activate Your Debit Card

To activate you new debit card, call 866.642.0450 from your primary phone. You’ll need to verify your Social Security Number and/or date of birth, then select your PIN.

Change Your PIN

If you know your PIN but wish to change it, call 877.265.9594 (International Cardholders — 859.488.4130)

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Cir_Help_CardServices_ElanCardsElan Visa® Credit  Cards

Elan Visa® Customer Support 800.558.3424


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Cir_Help_CardServices_PrepaidCardsGift Cards — Debit Mastercard®

Customer Support 866.496.6183

Report a gift card lost/stolen: 866.496.6183


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