First-Time Enrollment Instructions

You’ve opened your account — now enroll so you can access your money any time, anywhere.  After enrolling, you can log in using the credentials you establish during this enrollment process.


Bank Midwest ENROLL

ENROLL starting April 24!

The FIRST time you wish to access Online Banking you will need to enroll.

  • Visit
  • Click the First time? ENROLL here link below the Submit button  on the home page to get started.

  • Select Let’s Get Started and accept the terms and conditions to begin.


Click I Know My Social Security Number.

  • Enter SSN:  Enter your Social Security Number.
    Cash Management Users:  Enter the last 4 digits of your business TIN
  • Enter the random code shown for an extra layer of security.
  • Click Next.


Select and answer three security questions. You can create your own question and answer sets, if you wish!


Finally, create your password. It can be the same as your current password.

Cash Management Users: Token Registration
  • First, enroll in Online Banking following the steps listed above using your Business TIN.
  • After you’ve enrolled, contact Business Support at 844.238.3838 for assistance in registering your security token.

We will follow up with all Cash Management users with first-time enrollment and token registration process, if they haven’t enrolled or registered their token after May 19.


Access your accounts on a mobile phone or tablet with just a couple more steps.

NOTE: Enroll in Online Banking FIRST (see above). Then, download the new mobile app and log in with the same User ID and password.

New Bank Midwest Mobile App Icon -- with green diamond -- should be downloaded

Download the Mobile App. 

Look for the green diamond on the Bank Midwest mobile app icon.  Visit the Google Play or App Store* and download the mobile app.  (Be sure to have your Google Play or App Store login and password available!)

Log In on Your Mobile Device

Open the new app and use your User ID and Password established during the enrollment process for Online Banking. Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security for verification.

New Settings Features

Visit the Settings menu to set up easier access to your accounts.

  • Take advantage of Touch ID (newer Apple devices) or try the Auto Login feature to view a quick account balance without logging in.
  • Set up an optional 4-digit PIN for a fast way to log in and submit transactions in place of your password.
Cash Management Users: Mobile Updates

Business users are encouraged to use Mobile Banking to monitor account balances, transactions and transfers; however, ACH and Wire originations and approvals are no longer available using the mobile app.

Phone Banking

Dial 800.914.6027, and press * to begin.


Enter enrollment credentials:

  • Your User ID will be your Date of Birth and Zip code: mmddyyzzzzz.
  • Enter your PIN Code which will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.


Tell us whether you’re calling from the phone you will normally use, and enter the type of phone number this is: mobile, home, work.  If you wish, you can add an additional phone number.


Establish your security verification information that include 3 challenge questions and a Site Key “Personalized Message” which you choose from list of 3.


Finally, choose your new PIN, re-key PIN.

Note:  Allow 5-10 minutes the first you enroll in Phone Banking.