Debit Cards

Banking made easier!


Bank Midwest MasterCard® Debit Cards are available with most personal checking accounts!

Managing your money with a debit card is more convenient than using checks because the money is deducted from your account right away. Monitor your transactions online or on your mobile device to keep track of what you spend.  

MoneyPass ATM Network


Download the MoneyPass App to quickly find thousands of fee-free ATM locations when you’re on the go.



To activate you new debit card, call 866.642.0459 from your primary phone. You’ll need to verify your Social Security Number and/or date of birth, then select your PIN. 


If you know your PIN but wish to change it, call 877.265.9594 (International Cardholders — 859.488.4130)


  1. Suspend it

    Whether you misplace your debit card or don’t need it for a period of time, simply turn it off using our mobile banking app. Find it or want to use your card? Activate it with the touch of your finger. It’s that easy.

  2. Request a new card

    If you need to replace your debit card, call Customer Support 888.902.5662 or submit a replacement form

    Request a Replacement Debit Card

App Store Mobile Banking App: Get It On Google Play

Download the Bank Midwest Mobile App to turn your debit card off or on at your convenience.

debit card fraud alerts


Balancing the convenience and ease of using debit cards with keeping your money safe can be challenging. We work hard to try and safeguard your debit card and account.

Fraud Center — Debit cardholders are automatically enrolled to receive these free alert notifications — email, text and phone.


When we learn of recurring fraudulent activity trending, we may temporarily “block” transactions at certain types of businesses in the state or country where it’s reported. By blocking these transactions, we can help avoid unauthorized use of our customers’ debit cards. 

When traveling with your debit card, be sure to notify Bank Midwest by phone 888.902.5662 or complete this Travel Notification Form with your travel plans so we aren’t as likely to block transactions made in unusual locations.

For instance,  we may block the use of Bank Midwest debit cards at discount stores or gas stations in other states. We may do this when these blocks won’t affect the everyday lives of a majority of our customers.

TIP: If you experience a denied transaction knowing funds are available in your account, try using the PIN-code authorization which is considered more secure since a signature can easily be forged.

If you do not know your PIN code, you’ll need to bring your debit card to your local Bank Midwest branch for assistance in generating a new one. We apologize for the inconvenience if you experience any of the blocks we’ve put in place in order to prevent unauthorized use of your debit card.

MOBILE WALLETS — Pay with your Phone

Add the Bank Midwest debit card to your phone so you can make purchases with your mobile wallet. Add your debit card to one of three mobile wallets we currently work with: Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.  Learn more about Mobile Wallets


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