Cash Management, Online Deposit & More


The pace of business today demands online and mobile tools. Transform your company’s responsiveness from good to great.

Cash Management

Spend less time managing your cash and more time focusing on your business. Cash Management takes online banking to the next level with tools that give you more control, freedom and flexibility to manage your funds. Several layers of security provide added protection managing your operations.

View your business and personal accounts in one single sign-on.  You can take control of your cash flow by managing checking, savings, loans, CDs, and lines of credit from one secure system. From initiating wire transfers or moving money between accounts through ACH originations, easily manage your account funds.

Take advantage of this flexible self-service solution and we’ll even reduce your service fees for stop payments and wire transfers.

Management Features:

  • Set up and manage your payroll electronically
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers
  • Transfer funds between accounts through ACH originations and uploads
    • Payroll direct deposit
    • Automatically collect payment from customers
    • Pay vendors
  • Same Day ACH service is available at no extra charge (some limitations apply)
  • Stop payments for a single check or range of checks
  • Receive email alerts for account balances or sweep alerts
  • Enjoy free ACH presentment
  • Download to Quicken®, QuickBooks®, and Microsoft® Money
  • Enroll in free online statements

Enjoy these security features:

  • Business administrators limit employee access to specific functions and accounts as needed
  • Dynamic one-use token codes must match authorized usernames and passwords
  • Dual control feature for completing wire and ACH functions
  • Pull detailed reports for user and account activity
Great solution for businesses with:

✓ High volume cash flow between accounts

✓ Multiple locations and individuals managing accounts

✓ Large number of employees on payroll

✓ Staff who are frequently out of the office

✓ Detailed reporting and account analysis needs

Bottom Line:

✓ Manage your cash flow from your office or with your mobile device.

✓ Streamline your operations saving you time and money.

✓ Multiple layers of security provide strong internal controls.

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Online Deposit

Save time and get your accounts credited faster. Scan checks or money orders, upload the electronic images to a secure website and we’ll credit your accounts the next business day.

Replace cumbersome paperwork with secure storage of your check images and transaction history. Process transactions more efficiently and reduce payment processing time and manual errors.

Expanded cut-off times give you quicker access to your money. Reporting allows you insight into your customers’ payment history and stores their data.

Great solution for businesses with:

✓ High volume check payments

✓ Multiple locations or stores

✓ A location that requires travel time to get to our bank

✓ Limited staffing making it difficult to schedule bank visits

✓ A desire to have quicker access to funds

✓ A desire to collect payments by phone

Payment Solution for:

✓ Personal and business checks

✓ Cashier’s checks and money orders

Bottom Line:

✓ Improve your cash flow.

✓ Streamline operations.

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Online Banking and Bill Pay

Manage your cash flow from the convenience of your computer. These free services will save you time and provide you greater control managing your business accounts and payables online. Complete routine transactions in seconds.  Plus you can download account information to financial management software programs such as Quicken or Quick Books, pay your vendors and so much more.

Key Features:

  • Review balances and account activity
  • Move money between select accounts
  • View check images
  • Enroll in Online Statements
  • Get balance or key activity alerts
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments using Bill Pay
  • Pay vendors electronically (only requires 3 business days) or we’ll send a check (allow 5-7 business days)
Great solution for businesses with: 

✓  Minimal staff requiring online access

✓  Basic account management needs

✓  Extended hours of operation during evenings or weekends

Bottom Line: 

✓  Manage your accounts from your office or with your mobile device.

✓  Streamline your payments saving you time and money.

Mobile Banking

Mobile is a secure and easy way to manage your business while you’re on the go. Whether you’re sitting in a hotel, a tractor or on the lake, manage your accounts with your mobile device. Download a mobile app for your Android™ or iPhone® device.

Great solution for businesses with:

✓ Staff frequently away from the office who manage cash flow or payables

✓ 24/7 account access needs

Bottom Line:

✓ Stay connected to your accounts while you’re on the go.