Reduce Fraud with Cash Management’s Dual Control

Cash Management has many layers of security to help protect your business from fraud.

Dual Control is one layer of security in Cash Management that you may not be aware of. It requires two people in order to complete a single wire transfer or ACH batch transaction.

When Dual Control settings are enabled, a single user is prevented from creating, then initiating an ACH batch transaction or transmitting a wire transfer.  A user has the ability to do either action but not both for the same transaction.

Benefits of Dual Control

  • Reduces the risk of fraud by requiring that two users are part of the transaction.
  • Decreases errors by having a second user review ACH or wire transactions before they are submitted.
  • Increases back-up availability with multiple authorized users having the ability to approve transactions, ensuring that your company can process transactions while users are out of the office or on vacation.

Example:  User A creates the ACH batch.  User B will need to approve the batch.  User B can also create an ACH batch, but User A will need to approve the batch.

Please contact the Business Solutions Support team to learn more about Cash Management —  844.238.3838.

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