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5 quick steps for using safe online banking today

Bank Midwest is committed to keeping your financial accounts safe using the latest encryption technology, real-time fraud alerts, and more.

When you set up your online and mobile accounts, your security decisions will work hand-in-hand with Bank Midwest to protect your accounts from hacking and fraud.

Follow these five quick tips today to navigate your online banking accounts safely.

Avoid banking on public computers and unsecured wifi

Accessing your banking without security can put you at risk of compromising your accounts, like stealing passwords or hacking into your devices. But you can easily protect yourself by using secure, familiar devices.

Always use your bank’s mobile banking apps on your phone or access online banking on your computers. You should also access wifi that is secure, meaning it is password protected.

Keep your devices locked

Phones hold sensitive information from all parts of our lives. If someone gets ahold of your device, they can access your emails, receipts, phone numbers, and your bank account.

Depending on your device, you can use face IDs, passcodes, passwords, and draw patterns to keep your device secure at all times. You should also set a time for your phone to auto-lock in your settings.

Use a strong, unique password

Hackers will use stolen credentials in as many online services as possible, hoping that those logins have been used elsewhere. Use a unique password for every site, preferably one that is 9-12 characters with numbers and symbols. Use a password manager if you need help to remember each one.

Update apps and operating systems

Major software updates for your iOS and Android operating systems help patch up any security holes. Not utilizing the current version can expose your device to threats because older operating systems are not up-to-date with security-breaking strategies.

Check the settings app on your devices regularly to check for system updates.

Stay up-to-date with common scams

There are new ways that hackers are developing to compromise your accounts. The Federal Trade Commission website has a scam alerts page, which stays up-to-date with new and common scams on your phone, email, and even your mail.


Want to learn more about how Bank Midwest keeps your financial accounts safe? Find more safe online banking tips in this downloadable free security guide today.

Or, give us a call. We would love to help answer your questions.

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