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    Phase 1: Buy it.

    Many experts will tell you that when it comes to real estate, the three most important things are  location, location and location. Make sure your land or lot has sufficient all-season access and conforms to environmental and zoning requirements.

    We’ll make sure your real estate financing process is simple and efficient, supported by a team of specialists and features including up to 100% financing.

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    Phase 2: Build it.

    To ensure the relationship between you and your contractor is cost-effective and efficient, here are some things to consider; does your contractor …

    • Provide insight and advice for best practices
    • Answer your questions clearly and completely
    • Take responsibility to manage the construction schedule
    • Have adequate experience
    • Work productively with your architect

    The strength of your partnership has a direct impact on your outcome.

    We offer a seamless partnership to provide construction loans that feature custom draw schedules to  meet your needs.

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    Phase 3: Own it.

    You’re ready to move in! Our mortgage lenders offer multiple options, from first-time buyer programs  to jumbo mortgages for luxury homes.

    Whatever financing choice you make, you’ll have a team of local, dedicated experts to help you.

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Phase 4: Insure It.

Your home is typically the largest investment you will make. Our experienced insurance professionals can help you protect it.*

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