Planning a trip? Protect your money when you travel with these tips

When you’re enjoying your dream vacation, you don’t want to have to worry about theft or fraud.

Follow these four tips to protect your money and spend safely while you’re traveling.


Let your bank know you’re traveling



Bank Midwest monitors your debit card activity to prevent fraud on your account. Before you leave town, let your bank know where your destinations are and how long you’ll be there. This will prevent your bank from stopping debit card transactions you’re making from places you typically don’t visit.

Go to the online debit card travel notification form or contact Bank Midwest to notify us about your travel itinerary.


Use a credit card when you travel



One of the best ways to prevent fraud from hitting your account when you travel is spending with a credit card. Your credit card is not linked to your savings or checking accounts, so people committing fraud will not have access to your finances. Credit cards can also offer you protection against fraud charges so you are not liable.

With Bank Midwest’s credit cards, you can enjoy spending securely with zero card liability with card member services available 24/7.


Carry a small wallet with your essentials inside



No matter where you’re traveling, you want to protect yourself from having any personal items stolen. Carry a small wallet with your essentials (like your ID, credit card, and some cash) that you keep close to your body.

HighlightsSeparate some money when you’re out and about


Along the same lines, it’s smart to keep several sources of money in different places when you travel. Leave anything you don’t need to explore in a secure place, like a hotel room safe. That way, if something gets stolen, you’re not losing everything you brought with you to get around.

For example, if you’re going out to a restaurant, you can bring your credit card, but leave some cash in your hotel room safe or car. This also applies to items like your passport, if you’re traveling abroad.


Looking for more tips to travel smarter? Listen to Dream, Plan, Live: the Bank Midwest podcast to learn more about how to save for and plan your dream, worry-free vacation.

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