5 ways to improve your mobile banking experience with Bank Midwest

Whether you want to maximize your money management or keep it simple, the Bank Midwest app has features to build your financial journey for your specific needs.

Here are five ways to customize and improve your mobile banking experience with Bank Midwest.

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1. Customize your security alerts

Are you preoccupied with keeping your banking information safe? So are we. Our cutting-edge security is always at work to keep you safe. But did you know that you can customize the fraud alerts you receive?

When you create an alert through Online Banking, you can specify what triggers it to stay on top of what’s important to you. You can also customize how you receive those alerts through text, email, and phone notifications.

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2. Transfer money securely and safely

Digital payment apps like PayPal, Venmo, and ApplePay are more vulnerable to exposing your financial information. And, there are sometimes user fees attached to these services.

But with Bank Midwest’s mobile app, you can securely transfer money to another account. You can use the Transfers feature when you need to make a one-time or recurring transfer between your personal Bank Midwest accounts. Or, if you want to make a payment or transfer money to an external account, you can use an external account option. These transactions go through instantly.

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3. Pay your bills right from your banking app

Every month, you have a sit-down-and-pay-the-bills day. And it can be a time-consuming hassle. But having your bills linked to your bank account can save you from stress.

The Bank Midwest app lets you electronically write checks and send payments all in one place. Let’s say you have to pay your monthly rent with a check. You can schedule a check to be sent to your landlord every month on the same day.

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4. Organize your budget, track your spending

You can stay on top of your monthly budget on the Bank Midwest app. When you check your transactions, you can attach receipts, invoices, and other pictures to each transaction.

You can also create payees, which is a company or person such as a department store, cable TV provider, or even a relative you pay to organize your spending.

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5. Manage your money on your time

The days of calling the bank to update your account are behind us. On Bank Midwest’s mobile app, you can activate and disable your cards if you’re traveling or if you lose your card. You can also set spending limits and restrict where your card is used, like if you don’t want your child to spend money online.

Want to learn more about how you can make the most of your mobile banking? Listen to our Mobile Banking 101 episode of Dream, Plan, Live from Bank Midwest.

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