Filing a car insurance claim? Don’t worry, here’s everything you’ll need

Getting in a car accident is always unexpected, and of course, always stressful. Luckily, reporting a car insurance claim to your agency is easier than ever. Here’s everything you’ll need to file your claim if you get into an accident.

Police report

Insurance agents at Bank Midwest recommend calling the police if you’re in a car accident. This is especially true if you’re in an accident where people are injured. But for insurance purposes, a police report will paint a picture of what happened and include information that will make the filing process easier for you.

Photos of the accident

Before you move your cars from the accident scene, take pictures of the damage on the vehicles from all sides and angles. Your photos should include any property that may have been damaged or caused damage in your accident. You should also avoid moving any discarded pieces from the vehicles.

Contact information for the other driver

You’ll also need to collect the following information from the other driver(s):

  • the year, make, model, and license plate number of the vehicles involved,
  • insurance policy numbers,
  • the name, address, and phone number of the other driver(s),
  • detailed outlines of the conversations you have with the other drivers.


One thing you don’t need to collect is a driver’s license. Insurance agents at Bank Midwest advise against this because there is a lot of valuable information that could be at risk of identity theft.

Witness statements

Was anybody walking down the street near your accident? Or were there passing drivers that stopped to see if anyone needed help? If any person witnessed your accident, collect statements about what they saw. You’ll also need to write down their contact information.

Accidents don’t happen every day, but the insurance experts at Bank Midwest are always here to help you navigate the claim process. Sometimes knowing the jargon associated with auto insurance can help.

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