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Our accounts are packed with free convenient features:
  • Online & mobile banking
  • Online bill pay
  • Online statements
  • Debit card
  • 24 Hour phone banking
  • Check images

 Business Checking

  • A great fit for companies with moderate to high transaction volume
  • Your balance and transaction activity can offset part or all of your monthly service fee

The basics
Opening Deposit $50
Minimum Balance None
Monthly Fees Varies based on balance and account activity
Interest No
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Small Business Checking

The perfect account for, well, small businesses, of course!


The basics
Opening Deposit $100
Minimum Balance $500
Monthly Fees $10 if don’t keep minimum balance  $500
Interest Yes.  View rates.
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Performance Monthly Market Account

Open an account that earns you a preferred rate on your balance.


The basics
Opening Deposit $2,500
Minimum Balance $2,500
Monthly Fees $12 if minimum balance of $2,500 isn’t met
Interest Yes.  View rates.
Account features
  • Make up to six preauthorized, internet or phone transfers per month.
  • Write checks for $500 or more
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Statement Savings

Protect your business funds in this easy to open savings account.


The basics
Opening Deposit $100
Minimum Balance $100
Monthly Fees $2 if minimum balance of $100 isn’t met
Interest Yes.  View rates.
Account features
  • Make up to six preauthorized, automatic, internet or phone transfers per month
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MasterCard® Debit Card

Make purchases and track your spending and cash flow with business checking debit cards. They’re more convenient than checks and funds are immediately deducted from your account.  Use fee-free at any one of thousands of MoneyPass ATMs nationwide.


With your business debit card, you’ll also save your business money with automatic rebates on fuel, maintenance, travel, shipping and more when making purchases from popular merchants through the MasterCard Easy Savings Program. Visit for more details.

Rely on MasterCard for protection in the event that someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card.

Great Solution for Businesses That:

✓ Need to provide purchasing power with ability to control user limits

✓ Want current transaction review of user and account activity with online account access

✓ Who wish to save money with automatic rebates from national merchants

Bottom Line:

✓ Stay connected to your accounts while you’re on the go.

✓ Save money with automatic rebates from select vendors.

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Account Sweep Services

Manage your company’s cash position while earning higher returns on your daily operating cash by linking a business checking account and an interest-bearing sweep account.


How Sweep Accounts Work

Sweep accounts give you automated cash control leveraging accounts to give you a higher return on your daily operating cash. At the end of each business day, automatically transfer extra cash above your target balance from your business checking into an interest-bearing sweep account.

Funds are transferred between account in $1,000 increments and interest is paid on the sweep account according to daily balance levels and credited after each statement cycle.

The account also works in reverse. If daily obligations exceed the amount of deposits, your funds will automatically be swept back to your business checking account to cover checks presented and return your account to the target balance you originally established.

Daily email confirmations and combined monthly statements keep you informed of detailed transaction activities.

Interest rates on the sweep account are determined by the bank and are subject to change on a daily basis. The larger the balance you maintain, the higher your rate of interest.

Note:  Sweep/repurchase agreements are secured obligations of the bank. Any amounts placed in Sweep/Repurchase Agreements are not deposits of the bank, are not insured by the FDIC, and are not guaranteed in any way by the United States or any of its agencies.

Great Solution for Businesses With:

✓ High volumes of cash

✓ Too much time spent managing your cash position

Bottom Line:

✓ Save time managing your cash position while putting your money to work for you.

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