Community Giving

Our success is closely tied to the success of the communities we serve.


Strengthening our community ties is part of the way we do business every day.

Giving Back

The mutual respect, trust and support between Bank Midwest and the people we serve is central to our success. That’s why we consistently support charitable, civic, and quality of life initiatives that make stronger, healthier, happier communities.

Bank Midwest Community Fund

Our Community Fund accepts grant applications from local, community-based organizations conducting charitable work to benefit the unique issues affecting communities in our local markets.

Our grant process is a competitive one with funding awarded annually each summer. Download and complete the Bank Midwest Community Fund grant application for your organization.

Grants Awarded in 2014
Jackson County Central Husky Pride Project $10,000
Sac County Golf and Country Club, Inc. $15,000
Seasons Center for Behavioral Health $15,000
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Financial Literacy for Kids

We work with kids to help them make wise financial decisions as adults.  Each year we invite first graders for a field trip to Bank Midwest in their local communities.  The kids learn about savings through storytelling and an engaging program plus they get a tour of the bank.

Each fall, we open a savings account for the first grade classes at each public school in our market locations into which we donate $250 – $500.  Throughout their school years, the students receive annual bank statements showing them how much their class savings account is growing.

During their senior year, the class closes out their account, and, with the help of a faculty advisor, the students decide how the money should be spent for their school or graduation.

Now that’s a great learning experience!