Ways to plan better and save more for your next big move

Did you get a new job? Are you moving into your own place? Did you buy your dream home? Are you moving out-of-state? Is your family growing?

There are so many exciting reasons to move to a new place. But picking up your life to move somewhere else is never easy. Follow these tips on how to plan a move better and save more.

Online Deposit Clock IconStart planning two months ahead of your move-out date.

The key to saving more when you move is to plan. For example, consider how much furniture you’ll need to move. What can fit in your vehicles? Will you need to hire movers? How much of your furniture will you donate? Will you need to find out how to dispose of any well-worn furniture pieces? Planning early and booking any necessary expenses well ahead will save you time and stress later in your move.

Asset 34@2xBe realistic about what you can move on your own.

Think about your capacity for your move —your physical capabilities or what you have to help you, like a car. Consider asking friends and family to help you pack or move large items a few weeks before your move-out date.

Asset 35@2xDedicate time to research your best options for moving services.

As you’re planning what you’ll take with you to your next place, you may need moving services like a moving van, professional movers, or even a dumpster. Booking these in advance, and giving yourself time to research the best options, will save you time later in your move. Be sure to do your research to find a reputable mover.

Business Customers IconSave your packing supplies early.

Start saving boxes and newspapers to pack your items ahead of your move. You can also use your blankets, linens, and towels to pack breakable items to save on packing supplies.

LoginNotify utility companies that you’ll be moving when you receive your last bill.

When you receive your last bills from your utility companies, notify them of your move. This way, you will have plenty of time to go through any process to move utilities or return any rented equipment.

Checking IconThink about what services you don’t have to change.

There are some utilities or services you may not have to switch when you move, like your bank or your cell phone services. Technology makes it easier than ever to work with companies you love, regardless of where you relocate.

Sunglass IconOffset your moving expenses by selling unwanted items.

As you start cleaning out your current space, you can balance your moving expenses by selling your things you don’t need. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace or your local consignment store make it simple to find new homes for your gently used home goods.

Asset 33@2xDon’t throw away common household goods.

Often, when you move into a new space, you realize that there are so many little things you take for granted, like having dish soap or garbage bags. They’re also some of the first things you throw away when you’re cleaning out your space because they’re replaceable. But replacing all of those items can add up once you move. Instead, save your toiletries, cleaning supplies, or kitchen products for your new home.

Asset 32@2xCook as much as you can from your pantry, fridge, and freezer

Moving is exhausting, and it can be easy to lean on take-out to take one more thing off your to-do list. But if you cook through the food in your pantry, you can reduce waste, save money, and even have fun with your meals.

mortgage House IconDedicate your last few days in your space to cleaning

Whether you are a renter or selling your house, cleaning is one of the biggest tasks you have to take on before you move. It’s essential to give yourself plenty of time to deep clean your kitchen, bathroom, and all of your rooms. If you are a renter, use your lease to understand what state your apartment needs to be in to get your security deposit back.

It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed faced with the prospect of moving. Step back and know that with enough planning you can make the transition go smoother for you, your kids and your pets.

You may encounter a few hiccups along the way, but be assured as you settle in to your new home everyone will eventually return to life as usual.

Looking for more tips to plan smarter? Listen to Dream, Plan, Live: the Bank Midwest podcast for our step-by-step moving process plus more tips from the experts at Bank Midwest.

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