Estate Settlement


Who do you trust to carry out your wishes — fairly, efficiently and professionally?


Selecting your executor and trustee is an important decision. Bank Midwest is fully qualified to serve as your corporate trustee.

Whether you choose to work with us or another representative, an effective trustee should be able to meet the following qualifications:

  • Investment management expertise for keeping your assets diversified and allocated so the portfolio continues to provide the necessary income and growth to meet the needs of your beneficiaries.
  • Objectivity is critical.  It’s not easy deciding how much to distribute, to whom and when.  
  • Availability to be there when needed and able to perform the tasks required in a timely manner.
  • Fiduciary and tax law knowledge .  We work with lawyers, accountants and tax professionals routinely and will be able to help interpret and follow the terms of your will or trust, consistent with applicable laws that govern the arrangement.  We’ll ensure all tax matters are properly addressed.
  • Fiduciary accounting expertise.  Our team has the experience to handle accounting for principal and income ensuring your beneficiaries receive all that they are entitled to.
  • Permanence.  Trusts can last for years or even generations. Consistent trust administration ensures beneficiaries are treated fairly.

As your estate moves into the settlement stage, a written agency and fiduciary agreement would allow us to assist with record keeping and asset management. We have the knowledge to manage your personal and financial affairs, such as Power of Attorney.  Or, simply manage your account and pay your bills. Conservatorships are similar agreements set up through the courts.

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