Estate Planning



Ensure your wishes are honored beyond your lifetime.


An estate plan is an important piece of your ongoing financial planning puzzle. You don’t have to be rich to consider creating an estate plan. Developing an estate plan and discussing your wishes with loved ones can help eliminate uncertainties after your death.

We can help you provide timely estate planning and administration by helping you identify and distribute assets, settle debts, and pay taxes. Consider an estate plan if you own:

  • A farm or business operation
  • Financial accounts
  • Insurance benefits
  • House, lake cabin or other real estate
  • Jewelry

What Makes Up an Estate Plan?

An estate plan may include the following:

  • A will is the foundation of any plan detailing your wishes for property distribution
  • Named Power of Attorney/Personal Representative and guardian for minor children
  • A trust which ensures your assets are managed they way you wish even after your death
  • Life insurance funds distributed to beneficiaries upon your death
  • And more.

When thinking about your legacy, securing your family’s future is usually top of mind. You may also  consider supporting causes you care about including charitable organizations, your place of worship or local community. It’s also important to consider tax implications of passing assets onto your loved ones. We’ll help you with this important part of your financial plan.

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