Trust Services

Trust services are powerful solutions to help ensure that the important events in your life unfold as you wish, during your lifetime and beyond.


Estate Planning

Cir_Plan_Personal_EstatePlanning Grow, protect and preserve assets for you and your loved ones.  We’ll work with you and/or your attorney to ensure your estate is well-planned and your will properly drafted to help minimize taxes and avoid probate. Learn more.

Estate Settlement

Cir_Plan_Personal_Records Whether it’s property or wealth, we can help with record keeping and assets management through a variety of agency and fiduciary arrangements. Learn more.



Establishing a trust doesn’t require wealth, but a trust is a tool that can effectively help you grow, preserve and protect wealth. We can help you ensure your wishes are carried out even after you’re gone. Learn more.

Farm Management

Cir_Plan_BusinessFarm_FarmMgmt Farming these days is complicated.  Let us help you manage your operation with services tailored to maximize your profits.Learn more.

Investment Management

Cir_Plan_BusinessFarm_Investing Our professionals will help you make the best use of your capital with prudent investment strategies based on your goals. Learn more.