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Because Your Dream is to make theirs come true

You love your job, and you’re good at it. But your biggest passion is your family.
Helping your daughter and son have the resources to attend the college of their choice is a priority.

We can help.

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    Uniform Gifts to Minors

    • Allows assets such as securities, where the donor has given up all possession and control, to be held in the custodian’s name for the benefit of a minor without requiring an attorney to set up a special trust fund.
    • Allows a minor to have property set aside for the minor’s benefit and may achieve some tax benefit for the child’s parents.
    • Once the child reaches the age of maturity (18 or 21 depending on the state), the assets become the property of the child and the child can use them for any purpose.
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    529 Plans*

    529 plans allow families to invest for future qualified college expenses and carry many tax benefits. If the 529 funds are no longer needed, they can be transferred to another student beneficiary.

    College Savings Plans
    • Tax-exempt savings vehicles that allow families to invest for future college expenses
    • Investments are subject to market conditions with no guarantee to cover future higher-education expenses

    *Prior to investing in a 529 plan, investors should consider whether the investor’s or designated beneficiary’s home state offers any state tax or other state benefits such as financial aid, scholarship funds, and protection from creditors that are only available for investments in such state’s qualified tuition program. Withdrawals used for qualified expenses are federally tax free. Tax treatment at the state level may vary. Please consult with your tax advisor before investing.

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    Education Savings Account

    • A tax-free way to save for your minor child’s education expenses
    • Earnings grow tax free
    • Withdrawals for qualified education expenses are tax-free (must meet income requirements)
    • Funds can be used for expenses of elementary, secondary, college, technical, or postgraduate work

Plan Wisely. Dream Big

We’ll talk to you about savings options available to help you help future generations pursue their dreams of getting an education.

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