Update: Target Payment Card Issue

The recent debit card breach affecting Target has created valid payment card security concerns; however, be wary of scammers trying to ‘protect’ you.  Ignore attempts to get personal information from you.

If you receive a request from an unknown contact, do not provide your card information, password or other confidential information.  Likewise, if you receive a suspicious email or text, do not click on links contained within it.

Target Corporation has been providing updates about their ongoing investigation on their website.

We want to reassure you that Bank Midwest debit cards are safe to use, and we continue to routinely monitor transactions to help protect you.

As a cardholder, we also ask that you watch your account activity for unauthorized transactions. There is zero liability to you if fraudulent activity is promptly reported within 60 days.

Payment Card Questions?

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Elan Visa Credit Card 800.558.3424

Target Red Card 800.394.1829