Random Code Field To Be Removed From Online Banking Login

Beginning January 31, one less step will be required to log in to accounts through Bank Midwest’s Online Banking.  The random Code field, displayed following the User Name field, will be removed.

Removing this field will not put anyone at greater risk of fraud since there are multiple layers of security built into the banking system; however, removing the random Code field in particular will provide a better experience for customers wishing to access their accounts online more quickly. 

This Code field is commonly known as a CAPTCHA field which tries to prevent robots from entering a site by requiring users to fill in random letters or numbers to verify that they are human. 

Bank Midwest received feedback from users challenged by identifying and entering the correct characters during the login process. After careful consideration, the decision was made to work with our technology vendor to remove the Code field presented during the login process. It will be removed on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

The random Code field will continue to be required for new users enrolling in online banking as well as during the password reset process. 

If customers have any questions, please contact Customer Support at 888.902.5662.

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