Online Deposit, our premiere check scanning solution, utilizes hardware and software components that constantly evolve and require a solution continuously updated to leverage the latest security enhancements to keep your data safe.

Due to the dynamic environment we find ourselves in today, Online Deposit customers will be required to have administrative credentials on merchant scanning computers for future software updates starting February 21, 2016.

.NET 4.6 Framework Required

Merchant scanning workstations will not be able to scan checks unless  .NET 4.6 is installed.

As of February 21, Microsoft® will end support for .NET Framework 4, 4.5, and 4.5.1 requiring merchant scanning workstations to use .NET 4.6.

  • Workstations running Microsoft Windows® 10 already have .NET 4.6 installed by default.  An administrator does not need to be present during the February update.
  • Workstations running Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.1 may or may not have .NET 4.6 installed. 

If .NET 4.6 is not installed

If .NET 4.6 isn’t available on a workstation, the update will occur automatically during the initial login following the February release; however, you’ll need a PC administrator’s assistance during or prior to the February 21 update.

You will not need take any action prior to the release if an administrator is available to assist at the time of the update.

However, if an administrator will not be available during the time of the update, you should install .NET 4.6 on the computer prior to February 21.

Keep in mind, you only need to install .Net 4.6 if it is not already installed on the PC. 

How do I know if I have .NET 4.6 installed?

For your convenience, we are providing a guide to help you determine which version of Microsoft .NET installed on your workstation and tips for installing 4.6.

As a best practice, we recommend all customers have a PC administrator available for future code release updates. Ever-changing updates often require changes to the core system framework that many end users simply cannot access.

If you have any questions regarding Online Deposit updates, please contact our Business Solutions Support team at 844.238.3838.