Close up of young person a smartphone in a red case.

Mobile App Login Shortcuts

Quickly access your account information by enabling one of these options in the mobile app under the Settings menu.

Mobile App Settings

1. Touch ID or Auto Login


  • Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor, can easily unlock your iPhone or iPad to allow quick access to your accounts in “View Only” mode. [Learn more about setting up Touch ID on your Apple device.]
  • Auto Login automatically opens Mobile Banking in “View Only” mode. It’s highly Mobile App Settingsrecommended that the mobile device be password protected when turning on this setting.

Only one of these options can be enabled at a time. Both Touch ID and Auto Login settings will require a full or PIN login to move money, view statements, change debit card status or update settings.

2. PIN Login

Mobile App Screenshot of the 4-digit PIN set up

Set up a 4-digit PIN Login which will allow you to fully log in and use all the functionality of Mobile Banking like moving money, viewing statements, etc. Your PIN replaces your User ID and Password in the Mobile App.

Turn on these login shortcuts in the Settings menu after logging in to the Mobile Banking app. Be sure to Save your changes.