Local Credit and Debit Card Fraud Alert

As you may have heard, the Fairmont Police Department has been talking to several local banks, including Bank Midwest, regarding its investigation of debit and credit fraud affecting a local restaurant and area residents.

It’s suspected that El Agave was the victim of an internet hack that installed malicious software on its payment system illegally capturing cardholder data, which can be sold online. This latest round of fraudulent activity appears to be isolated to one merchant, El Agave, and for card payments made since December 2013.

Bank Midwest is in the process of notifying customers who may have compromised cards and will be replacing them with new cards. We have also taken the precautionary step of temporarily “blocking” transactions at certain types of businesses in the states where unauthorized transactions have been reported. This will help prevent additional unauthorized transactions on compromised accounts.

We encourage our customers to routinely monitor debit card and credit card transactions for suspicious or unauthorized charges on their accounts.

If you have any questions about your debit card activity, please call your local branch or Customer Support at 888.902.5662. Questions regarding credit card activity should be directed to your credit card company.