Bank Midwest Response to Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

As you may know from recent media coverage, cybersecurity experts recently announced two major security vulnerabilities, known as Spectre and Meltdown.

Although the flaws haven’t yet been exploited, the potential to allow an attacker to gain access to sensitive information (passwords, customer private information) from hardware microprocessors is great.

These weaknesses affect most all technology we use today including smartphones, tablets, computers, servers, cloud services and more.

Bank Midwest Response

Through a multilayer security approach, Bank Midwest responds to these threats by patching, monitoring, testing and detecting security vulnerabilities. Bryan Wilken, Bank Midwest Chief Information Officer, explained, “This is standard procedure for any technical threat we encounter.”

He continued, “we are proactively working with our vendors to install timely patches and updates as soon as they become available.  Our team diligently monitors security threats and takes internal action on vulnerabilities whenever possible.”

Wilken went on to say that technical experts will be mitigating this most recent threat and how it affects their hardware and software for weeks and months to come.

Meltdown and Spectre Overview

These two vulnerabilities exploit the speculative execution features commonly used by most modern microprocessors.

For a non-technical overview of the issue, follow this link.

What You Can Do

  • Keep the technology you use up-to-date with the software and patches provided by vendors like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Android, Firefox, etc.
  • Install updates immediately or turn on automatic updates where available.
  • Remember the basics of security to protect yourself:

–Stop and think before you click or download.
–Don’t open emails that seem odd or urgently requesting something.
–Avoid websites you are not familiar with or click on pop-up windows.
–Don’t give out your passwords or private information.
–Read about additional security precautions you can take.

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