Insurance can help protect what’s important, starting with your life and health, followed by your property and possessions.


Having any insurance isn’t enough. We want you to have the right coverage at the best price.

We also want your policies working together to create the most efficient total coverage possible.  Because when things come up — and they always do — one of the best things to hear is “you’re covered.”

Auto Insurance

Cir_Insure_Personal_Auto Whether you’re on the highway, off-roading, or on the lake, we’ll help you find coverage for all types of vehicles that move you. Learn more.

 Home Insurance

Cir_Insure_Personal_Home Whether you live in a single-family home, mobile home, apartment or condo, you need to protect your residence, furniture and personal belongings inside. We’ll help you get coverage that’s affordable, appropriate and budget-friendly. Learn more.

Life and Health Insurance

Cir_Insure_Personal_Life Protect your standard of living, retain your independence, and keep your financial dreams for the future alive. We’ll help you determine what coverage works best for your lifestyle. Learn more.

Long Term Care

Cir_Insure_Personal_LongTermCare We’re living longer now than ever before.  Long term care insurance can provide compensation when you or a family member is rehabilitating after an accident or severe illness, or for an elderly family member with age-related care needs. Learn more.

Personal Liability

Cir_Insure_Personal_Liability Need added protection above the limits of your existing homeowners, auto and other personal policies?  Umbrella coverage gives you the extra coverage you may need. Learn more.