Online Statements


Safer and faster than using the mail. We’ll email you as soon as your statement is online. It’s just a click away no matter where you are.
  • View and save your statements without the wait
  • Access past statements for up to 18 months or download them to your computer for longer term storage.
  • Receive online statements securely reducing the chance of lost mail
  • Set up your spouse or accountant to receive a copy of your online statement

Ready to Enroll?

There are two methods of signing up for online statements.

I. Self Enrollment Process

If you’re taking the initiative to enroll your own accounts, follow these simple to steps to get started.


  1. Log in to Online Banking*  
  2. Select the Documents tab.
    • The sub-menu,  Documents and Settings, allows you to choose the accounts and document types you’d like delivered online. Click the ‘plus’ (+) sign to expand all document types available. Uncheck any documents or notices you wish to continue receiving by U.S. mail and Save Settings.
  • Confirm your email address and enter a security phrase that will appear in the subject line of valid emails sent with your statement or notice.
  • Click on the link to see the Enrollment Passcode and enter it in the required field.  This is to confirm that your computer has software needed to view .pdf files so you can access your statements online.
  • Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Enroll Now.
Watch for a confirmation email to know you’ve successfully signed up!

II. Complete Your Enrollment Started by Bank Midwest

If Bank Midwest started your enrollment process, there are just a couple of quick, easy steps needed to complete your enrollment:


  1. Log in to Online Banking*  
  2. Just follow the prompts to complete your enrollment.  You’ll need to enter an Enrollment Passcode to confirm that your computer can view .pdf files and access statements online.
  3. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Enroll Now.
Watch for a confirmation email to know you’ve successfully signed up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be able to view my statements online?   Up to 18 months of your statements will remain online. If you need to retain them longer, simply download the statements to your computer and store them for as long as you need. Will my online statement look like my print statement? Yes.  Online statements are considered official documents and contain the same information as printed statements. How will I view online statements? You will be notified by email that your statement is ready for you.  You must retain a valid email address in order to receive notification of your statement availability. The email notification will contain a secure .pdf login file which requires your online banking ID and password.  Once, you’ve logged in, your official online statement will display for the last statement cycle. You will need Adobe® Reader® to open the login document and statement.  Download Adobe Reader

Share Your Online Statement

Does your spouse or accountant need access to your statement?  Set up second recipient to receive access to your online statements.


  • Log in and click the Documents tab
  • Click the sub-menu Additional Recipients.  
  • Enter the individual’s contact and set up their login information.  Share this information with them.

The secondary recipient will log in through the email notification and only have access to your statement.  They will not be able to login to your online accounts and not be able to conduct any transactions online.

*You must have an active Online Banking ID to sign up for online statements. Need to enroll in online banking?  Enroll now.

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