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    Start Saving the Easy Way

    RoboSave automatically helps you save. It analyzes your checking account activity and helps you create personalized savings goals based on spending habits.

    Benefits of automated savings

    • Eliminates the work of saving for your goals
    • Built-in feature within Online and Mobile Banking
    • Customize and update your goals as your life changes
    • Funds transferred to your savings account are always available

Start saving for your goals

  • Log in to online banking or the mobile banking app.
  • Click the RoboSave link in the left menu.
  • Follow the prompts to start saving.

Note: You must have active Bank Midwest checking account and savings accounts. 

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How does it work?

RoboSave looks at your transaction history and continually analyzes spending patterns to help you build a savings net to reach personal savings goals.

The optional Auto Save Feature will automatically transfer funds every couple of days based on the checking account balance and daily spending. If you need money out of your savings account, you can easily transfer it back or make a withdrawal any time.

Create, name, and prioritize financial goals. RoboSave will work to determine the amount of money that can be saved towards each goal and will apply those savings accordingly. You can also setup additional automatic contributions on a schedule that is comfortable for you.

Once you have completed a savings goal (hooray!), it will automatically move down the priority line and start saving for the next goal.