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Back by popular demand, this year’s mystery tour will originate from either Windom or Fairmont, Minn. depending upon the number of guests.  We’ll gather together and then head for our surprise destination!

Just like in years past, this day trip is sure to provide lots of fun, a delicious lunch and a 90-minute excursion (boat, train, or plane?) with a unique and nostalgic tour.

Join us for this day full of surprises!


Call your local PEP Club Coordinator:

Armstrong – 712.864.3250

Fairmont – 507.235.3327

Jackson – 507.847.3010

Lakes Area – 712.336.0505

New Ulm – 507.354.8813

Sherburn – 507.764.4311

Wall Lake – 712.664.2311

Westbrook – 507.274.6133

Windom — 507.831.1322