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PEP Club Trip To Boston & Cape Cod

Boston and Cape Cod, Massachussets
Don’t miss this beautiful 6-day trip through historic New England! We’ll take in breathtaking scenery and view some of our nation’s oldest historic sites.

Our first day, we’ll arrive early enough to take a guided tour through the city of Boston. We’ll spend the night there and the next day we’ll have the opportunity to tour the John F. Kennedy Library. In the afternoon we’ll leave the bustle of the city and begin our journey south to Cape Cod.

Along the way we’ll tour Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II, a full-scale replica of the ship our ancestors sailed on their pilgrimage to America. Soon we’ll be on Historic Route 6A, The Old King’s Highway, cruising the north side of Cape Cod, winding through some of the oldest villages in America. We’ll stop to visit the Sandwich Glass Museum, where we’ll learn about the local glass industry and the community’s historic background. Then we’ll head to Hyannis, the center for tourism on the Cape, and continue on to South Yarmouth to settle in for a 3-night stay at the Red Jacket Resort on the waters of the sound.

On our fourth day, we’ll continue to explore the Cape, traveling to Falmouth and Woods Hold. Next we’ll board a steamship for Martha’s Vineyard. We’ll take a circle tour of the island and see sleepy island towns, picturesque farms, ponds and marshes filled with wildlife, classic fishing villages, quaint shops and art galleries. We’ll make a couple of stops, including Edgartown, once a whaling capital and now an elegant seaport community and yachting center. We’ll return to the mainland for dinner in Hyannis before turning in for the night.

The next day we’ll follow a portion of the National Seashore as we travel to Provincetown, located at the outermost tip of the Cape and surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay. This is where the Pilgrims first landed when they arrived in 1620, savoring the safety of the calm harbor for five weeks before continuing on to Plymouth. We’ll also have the opportunity to take a whale watching cruise led by a naturalist.

Our last morning on the Cape will take us to Lexington and Concord, where the first battles of the American Revolution were fought. We’ll have a delicious lunch at the picturesque Wayside Inn before embarking on our journey home.

Be sure to contact a PEP Club Coordinator in your area today to sign up for this beautiful and educational journey!

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