Personal Loans and Mortgages

We can help you achieve your dreams.  Use our experienced staff to help you borrow wisely.



Cir_Borrow_Personal_Mortgage Whether you’re thinking about your first home or your next, we’re here to help you through the process from start to close.  Talk to one of our experienced staff or apply online. Learn more about Mortgages.

Lot and Construction Loans

Cir_Borrow_Personal_ConstructionLoans Find the perfect spot for your dream home?  Ready to build something new?  We have special financing available for purchasing a lot or construction project. Construction Loan options.

Home Equity

Cir_Borrow_Personal_HomeEquity Is it time to remodel, consolidate your debt or pull out cash for other expenses? Consider putting your home’s value to work. Home Equity loan information.

Auto and Personal Loans

Cir_Borrow_Personal_AutoLoans From cars and trucks to boats and RVs and any other toy you might have your eye on.  We have flexible loans and financing for almost anything. Learn more about car and personal loans.

Student Loans

Cir_Borrow_Personal_StudentLoans If higher education appears to be just out of reach, study up on supplemental private student loans. Student loan information.

Visa® Credit Cards

Cir_Borrow_Personal_CreditCard Whether you’re planning your dream vacation, managing your finances, or building strong credit for the future, we offer a credit card to meet your needs. There’s one that’s just right for you. Learn more available credit cards.