Payments & Receipts


Efficient payments & receipts management can minimize costs to improve your bottom line.


We can help your business establish control over payment systems, increase forecasting capabilities, process receivables online, reduce risk, and simplify transaction management.

Use our payment and receipts solutions to:

  • Provide the payment options that today’s customers expect either at checkout or online, while providing next-day funding for you.
  • Accelerate cash flow and speed collections.
  • Expedite processing, expense management, and information access.
  • Minimize costs to improve your bottom line.

Merchant Card Services

Stay competitive by allowing customers to pay you quickly and securely with credit, debit or gift cards.

After customers swipe their cards, immediate authorization confirms whether funds are available. Payments will be deposited to your account the next business day and you avoid the hassle of dealing with returned checks!

  • Major credit, debit and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards can be accepted
  • Electronic Funds Transfers save up to 40% over check payments
  • Competitive pricing, convenient purchase options, and repair services
  • Fraud identification and risk reduction reporting
  • Easy-to-read statements and reporting for settlement and reconciliation
  • Ongoing support and terminal services include troubleshooting, loaners and new terminal sales.
Great solution for businesses with:

✓ High volume sales

✓ Returned checks

✓ Competitors in market already using card solution

✓ A desire to have quicker access to funds

Payment Solution for:

✓ Credit, debit and prepaid cards

Bottom Line:

✓ Improve your cash flow.

✓ Decrease your financial risk.

Ask us how easy it is. Our processing partner will help you set up the equipment, provide training and ongoing support to help keep your business running smoothly. Interested?

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Web Payments

Make is easy for your customers to submit payments via your website and submit the web payment file to Bank Midwest for collection to your account.

Your customers can make one-time or recurring payments from their checking account.

It’s easy. We’ll provide you with a unique web address that will open a customized web page with your logo and brand colors. Provide the link to your customers and they can begin making payments directly to you.

It’s safe. Multiple security features make every transaction secure. Risk management features allow you to set transaction limits and a permissions hierarchy for your staff. Export payment data in a variety of formats for a number of accounting solutions.

Great solution for businesses with:

✓ Repeat customers or members making routine payments

✓ Customers or members who need tax reporting

✓ Want to offer customers a convenient option to make secure  payments 24/7

Payment Solution for:

✓ Check payments

Bottom Line:

✓ Streamline receivables and put these incoming funds to work for you faster.

✓ Make paying you convenient and easy.


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Direct Deposit

How efficient is your payroll process? Use our online direct deposit to efficiently pay your staff. We’ll provide everything you need to do your payroll faster and less expensive than many other solutions.


Easy for you. Simply log into your Cash Management account and select online payroll to get started. Upload the current employee data file from your payroll processing system before our daily cut-off time and your employees will be paid by direct deposit as soon as the next business day.

  • Pay some or all of your employees directly online
  • Save time processing payroll checks and postage. Eliminate the risk of lost or stolen checks.
  • Set up automatic child support and tax payment deductions
  • Utilize payroll information from your existing payroll software
  • Access payroll and tax reports online
  • Reasonably priced

Convenient for your employees With direct deposit, your employees have quick access to their hard-earned money on pay day. Save them a trip to the bank and time waiting in line to cash their payroll check. Learn more about Cash Management