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How Jill used Mobile and Online Banking to Navigate a Complicated Day

Online Banking

Every morning Jill Frasier has a reliable routine. She wakes up early, typically around 6:30, to get to work a few hours later. But she doesn’t immediately start getting ready for work.

First, Jill opens up her laptop or tablet to check her bank account online. She looks at her balance, reviews the previous day’s purchases to ensure nothing looks suspicious, and after a few minutes, she signs off and then begins getting ready for the day.


Jill, like many others, now uses online banking extensively. When combined with mobile applications, Jill has complete control over her finances no matter where she is, even if she doesn’t have a computer on hand.

Banking While at Work

It’s 9 a.m. and Jill just arrived at her office. After she settles in, she takes care of some important emails and then receives an alert from her calendar that a meeting will be starting in five minutes. She grabs her phone, coffee and notepad to head to the meeting across the street with her colleague, Robert.

Two co-workers.Mobile banking allows friends or co-workers to easily send money to cover lunch expenses.

On the way she receives a text message from her son, Ryan, a current sophomore at the University of Iowa. Jill was a student before and already knows what this morning message will be about.

The message reads, “Hey Mom. Can you transfer money into my account so I can buy a book for class?”

With that, Jill opens her mobile banking app and transfers funds into the joint account she shares with her son. The mobile transfer feature is extremely helpful since Ryan is a few hundred miles away and without it, sending him money so quickly would be difficult.

Protection At Its Finest
After the long morning meeting, it’s lunchtime. Jill usually brings her own lunch but today she and Robert, decide to go out for lunch.

They head to a nearby cafe known for their sandwiches. After Jill orders, she approaches the register and gets ready to pay for meal. Except there’s a big problem: she has no cash and her debit card is nowhere to be found.

Jill panics for a bit, but luckily Robert covers the bill. As they head to a table, Jill can’t help but wonder what happened to her debit card. Did she forget it at home? Did she leave it at the grocery store? When was the last time she used it?

Wherever it is, Jill hurriedly pulls out her phone and opens up her mobile banking app. She finds out that, thankfully, no recent transactions have been posted. She then suspends her debit card, which freezes any potential purchases — knowing the card can be unfrozen once it’s found.

After lunch, Jill gets Robert’s personal email address and uses the pay-a-person feature in the mobile app to reimburse him for lunch. She shows him how easy it is to accept the payment online, before heading back to the office.

When the Lost is Found

Online Banking

Once Jill arrives home, she cooks dinner for her husband and younger daughter. The three of them discuss their day and share some laughs.

After the kitchen is cleaned up, Jill is putting away some clothes and in the pocket of a jacket, she finds her debit card. Relieved, she opens her mobile banking app and unfreezes the card.

While she’s logged in, she decides to deposit a tax refund check she just received in today’s mail by snapping a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check. Done. Now, she can relax for the rest of the evening.

Jill’s hectic day working and managing finances was made easier using Bank Midwest’s mobile and online banking services.

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