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Mobile Banking: Are You Ready?

Today people are using their smartphones to do everything from finding a new restaurant to getting an electronic boarding pass for your next flight. As mobile capacity expands, more and more people are also using their phones to do their banking. If you’ve been wondering if mobile banking* is for you, keep reading. Mobile banking can save you time, a trip to the bank, and allow you to complete transactions during off hours. For some it’s a convenience they can’t imagine going without. For others, it’s something they can’t imagine tackling. Answer these questions to see if you’re ready for mobile banking.

  • Is finding the time to get to a branch in order to accomplish everyday banking transactions a challenge?

If yes, you’re not alone.  The pace of today’s society is quickly making the ability to bank “on the go” a necessity, not just a luxury. For those interested parties, most banks now offer the ability to access your financial account information from your mobile device via text messages, by accessing Online Banking through your web browser, or at Bank Midwest, by downloading our mobile app.  That’s three easy, quick ways to access your financial information from your mobile device.

  • Is it important to you to have immediate access to your account balance and recent transaction history?

Sometimes this is all you need. At Bank Midwest, our mobile banking gives you quick access to your account balance and transaction history 24/7. This is available to customers no matter which way they choose to bank mobile. For example, if you choose to access your information via text messages, you simply text a code. You will quickly receive a text with either your account balance or the four most recent transactions on your account.

  • Would being able to pay bills, transfer money, and deposit checks from wherever you are, whenever you want to, make like easier for you?

If you’re a frequent traveler, have long work days, or simply just can’t get to the bank to accomplish basic banking transactions, mobile banking may be for you. It gives you the benefit of being able to deposit a check right when you receive it, quickly pay bills without having to sit down and write out several checks, and transfer money without stepping foot in the bank. It’s quick, safe, and most of all it saves you time – leaving you with one less errand to run.

  • Would it be nice to have instant access to your bank’s ATM locations?

For those days when you aren’t near your own branch or your “regular” ATM, you can easily use mobile banking to find the nearest branch or ATM location. At Bank Midwest, you can quickly access a list through our mobile app or by accessing our website with your mobile device web browser. If you answered yes to these questions, you’re ready to try mobile banking!

A final thought: If financial safety is a roadblock for you when it comes to deciding whether to use mobile banking, be sure you do your homework before making a final decision.

At Bank Midwest we are always here to answer your questions and help you with any of our online and mobile banking services. For assistance, call our Customer Support team at 888.902.5662 or visit For your safety, account information is not stored on your device. In addition, mobile banking uses the same level of security as banking online and the same login credentials. For SMS text and mobile banking, only one mobile number can be used to access your banking information. Plus, only the four most recent transactions can be viewed on the phone.   Try Mobile Banking today!  

*There is no fee from Bank Midwest. Connectivity and usage rates may apply though. Contact your wireless provider for more details.