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Summer Traveling and the MoneyPass App

Summer often means vacations, which can mean a lot of traveling. Knowing how to bank safely and keep financial information safe while you’re away from home can bring a little peace of mind.

Online banking provides a quick and easy alternative for when you’re on the road. From your desktop, laptop or tabletop you can check your balance, review account activity or move your money. Online banking also provides you with the option to pay bills online, review statements online and connect 24/7 with mobile and text banking.

 Tips For Keeping Your Money and Cards Safe on Vacation
  1. Lighten your wallet: Take only the cards that you will need on vacation with you.
  2. Be sure to notify your bank when you will be traveling. (Bank Midwest Debit Card Travel Notification Form)
  3. Use the safe provided in the hotel to protect your cards and other information.
  4. Protect your cash: Only bring the amount of cash you need each day out with you, leaving the rest in the hotel safe.
  5. Watch for crowded areas and pick-pockets: Keep wallets and purses near to you, pockets closed and zipped.
  6. Upon returning home, review all the purchases during your time away on your statements.

Bank Midwest provides customers with fee-free ATM locations across the United States. Simply connect to your app store or Google play store and search for the MoneyPass app. Once downloaded, you can enter any location into the application and it will show you a number of places near you where fee-free ATM’s are located.

More information can be found online about the MoneyPass app and where to find fee-free ATM locations.