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Stay Afloat With Adequate Boat Insurance

While signs of spring slowly start to surface, it’s never too early to think about the much warmer temperatures that summer will soon bring.

When the sun shines bright, nothing beats heading to the lake to enjoy a fun-filled day of boating with friends and family. Maybe you’re the type who likes to kick back and reel in the big catch, or maybe you’re in it for the adrenaline – just waiting for that next awesome jump on your wakeboard. Whatever your speed, there are options for boat insurance and coverage for all of your summer “toys!”

Some states do not have a legal requirement to carry liability insurance on boats, but most people rest easier having protection for the toys they’ve worked hard to enjoy. In addition to liability coverage to protect yourself and passengers of your watercraft, various insurance carriers provide specialty packages to protect your valuable fishing or sporting equipment. With other carriers, getting coverage on your boat is as simple as scheduling it on your homeowners policy.

To find the right coverage that will protect your financial investment, work with an independent insurance agent. At Bank Midwest Insurance, our agents know the risks and regulations in our region to help ensure that you’re fully covered when you head out to the water.

For more information on finding the right coverage for your specific needs, contact your agent or service staff at a Bank Midwest Insurance office near you.