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Rental Car Insurance: Do you need it?

We all need to escape from time to time to recharge our batteries and relax. As you book your flights or pack your bags, the last thing to cross your mind  is probably rental car insurance, but it’s best to consider your options before leaving home.

Rental car agencies always stress the importance of buying their additional coverage.  It’s certainly not cheap, and a lot of travelers say it’s just not worth it.  But, the decision isn’t always that simple. Before you rent a car, call your personal auto insurance agent to discuss what terms apply to a rental vehicle.

Generally speaking, limited coverage from your personal auto insurance will extend to a rental vehicle.  If you were to cause an accident, liability insurance typically pays up to your policy limits for damage to property or other vehicles.  A personal auto policy with full coverage should cover damage incurred to the actual rental vehicle itself.  However, in the event of an accident, your personal auto policy typically doesn’t cover some items the rental car company could charge you for, such as loss of use if the company is unable to rent that vehicle out while it’s being repaired.

At Bank Midwest Insurance, we also encourage customers to contact the credit card company used to rent the vehicle.  Many credit cards include standard rental car coverage benefits.  After determining what your credit card’s terms are and examining your own personal auto policy, contact Bank Midwest Insurance to discuss any potential holes in coverage for your rental car needs.

Vacations should be enjoyed without the stress of worrying about insurance!