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65 is a Beautiful Number

Turning the age of 65 is an occasion to celebrate. It’s also a significant event that requires important decisions be made before your birthday.

The choices you make regarding health care coverage, including Medicare, may impact your financial well-being and shouldn’t be made without fully understanding your options. At Bank Midwest, we have local, experienced insurance agents who can help you determine what Medicare supplemental insurance coverage is best for you.

During the 3 months prior to the birthday month in which you turn 65, you are eligible for early enrollment. By enrolling early, you can:

  • Sidestep questions about your medical history;
  • Be more likely to have coverage the day you turn 65; and,
  • Avoid paying supplemental policy late enrollment fees and higher premiums.

Supplemental Medicare insurance coverage can serve as an enormous financial benefit. For example, Part B helps cover preventative care services and supplies. And, Part D helps cover the cost of prescription medication.

From Medicare Part A to Part D, we’d love to help answer any questions you might have about supplemental insurance coverage. Call one of our experienced agents to set up a meeting today.