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Mobile Browser Updates for Mobile Banking

Beginning Monday, November 4th, online banking via a mobile web browser will sport a new look and feel!

This design update will only affect those banking online using a mobile web browser.  Mobile banking apps in the iTunes™ store and the Google Play Store™ are not affected by this update.

Updates to the Mobile Browser

  • Menu Landing Page: Menu options will be the first page displayed after logging in instead of the account listing.
  • Logo Placement: After logging in, the Bank Midwest logo will appear at the bottom of the screen vs. the top.
  • Logout: The logout button is now an image blog_mobile_logout vs. a standard “Logout” button in the former logo area.
  • Menu: Menu options are now accessed via the menu icon blog_mobile_menu vs. the row of options displayed at the bottom of the screen.

New Menu Selection

If you have any questions about mobile access to your accounts, don’t hesitate to contact us.